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Heirloom Rosary Collection

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Heirloom Rosary Collection


The Rosary you made for me are very beautiful and mean a lot to me. My son is with the lord and both are looking down on you. When your website is up and running I would like to place an order. Sincerely, Jon

Jon Park2014-05-28

The rosary you sent me is both beautiful & unique. You have truly found your calling. Your inspired design comes from the divine! Everyone has lavished praise on your wonderful rosaries because they are, quite simply, wonderful. I will cherish mine for life. God is certainly working through you! Thanks again!

Doug Amaturo2014-05-29

Seraphym Designs undeniably creates the most Unique, Beautiful and Durable rosaries and jewelry of our time. True Heirloom designs that will travel from generation to generation. The world will remember Seraphym Designs

PGS, 20092014-05-29