Cream Pearls & Aqua Crystal Heirloom Rosary


BEADS: 8mm Cream Pearls with Aqua crystals

MEDAL: Our Lady of the Angels surrounded by 3 Cherubs

CRUCIFIX: This Crucifix details a rose at each end of the cross. The rose has different meanings within Christianity. Before it became one of the flowers of the Earth, the rose grew in paradise with out thorns. Only after the fall of Man did the rose take on its’ thorns to remind Man of the sins he had committed and his fall from grace. The Virgin Mary is called ‘A rose without thorns ,’ because she was exempt from Original Sin. The rose is both the symbol of The Mother of God, and for the Infant King who came to Earth to be crowned with thorns as part of his Passion and Death.

ANGEL WING: Each design comes with the trademark Seraphym angel wing.

ROSARY BOX: Each rosary comes in its very own unique packaging including: A burlap Rosary pouch, a Seraphym how to pray the Rosary Guide, and an item description card describing the beads and origin of the medals


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